Get To Know Our Family!

The Family:


Hello, we are Vern and Crystal Stahl. We chose to name the ranch for our three sons, Christian, Joseph, and Levi. We decided on the German translation Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch (English translation: Three Stahl Brothers Ranch). The ranch is a family getaway for our three boys to enjoy the outdoors and to grow into men that understand the beauty of being outside, the work ethic of a "cowboy", and the enjoyment of hunting. Vern is a third generation cattleman. His father and grandparents were dairymen and ranchers before him with herds numbering in the thousands and dairies/ranches in California, Idaho, Michigan, and New Mexico.

Why Texas Longhorns?

Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch
is home to DBS Longhorns. The Texas Longhorn cattle, just like their horns, have a long history in the Americas. The ancestors of today's longhorns were brought over by the Spanish as the Conquistadors were on their quest for gold and a Spanish Empire in the Americas back in the 1490's. Over the course of many decades the cattle free ranged across a large portion of North America. Throughout that time, it was survival of the fittest! The survivors were able to adapt to varying terrains, climates, forage, were more immune to illness and disease, and were better breeders and mothers. The result is that the Texas Longhorn is a very hardy and adaptable creature that can out compete any of the European breeds in hardiness and adaptability.

Is Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch a hunting preserve?

Yes, Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch is a game fenced hunting preserve as well. The hunting opportunities range from native Texas wildlife and exotic species that have been imported from around the world to Texas. As the breeding program of wildlife increases, we intend to bring in hunters to enjoy the opportunities to harvest quality game. Native game consists of whitetail deer and turkey. Our exotic game breeding program is focused on axis deer, sika deer, aoudad, and blackbuck antelope. The hunting will be guided spot and stalk hunts that will cater to the client’s needs.

What are the goals of Drei Brüder Stahl Ranch?

1. We are in the pursuit of the total package longhorn. We want to breed our cattle to be competitive in futurities. Through artificial insemination and planned breeding, we want to have our branded longhorns to be productive mothers with easy dispositions, and pleasant to look at in the pasture.
2. Through futurities and stock shows, we want our longhorns to be award winners!
3. We want our hunting opportunities for clients to be fun and rewarding. We want our hunters to be proud of their trophy and of the experience they create on our ranch.